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Your local CHS team works hard every day to find ways to help maximize their growers’ profit each season. One way is with the Partnered Inputs program. Your local CHS is able to offer a discount on a growers’ fertilizer purchase by committing to a firm offer on their grain. Contact your local CHS sales agronomist or grain merchandiser for full details on the Partnered Inputs program and to sign up today!

Another way is by offering 0% Financing on spring-applied fertilizer. Growers determine the amount of fertilizer they want to finance, and then commit to deliver a specific amount of grain to CHS. A no price established contract is used to secure the grain commitment, providing growers free interest on their fertilizer until November 15, 2022. Contact your local CHS sales agronomist or grain merchandiser for full details and to sign up today!

We have built our reputation on a demonstrated commitment to producer profitability. We strive to make it as convenient as possible to market your grain, and we are committed to doing business with integrity and building long-term partnerships.

  • Take advantage of online and mobile resources to check cash grain prices, make offers to sell grain, and have secure access to account information and reports.
  • Choose from a variety of grain contracts and specialty grain contracts to meet your needs.
  • Gain timely insights about local, regional and world markets from our grain specialists, who are connected to valuable information and perspectives through the CHS cooperative system.
  • Consider working with CHS Hedging, a full-service commodity brokerage firm with expert consultants and risk management services.
  • Earn patronage on every bushel of grain you sell to CHS.


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